Welcome to, the web presence of the Massachusetts Association of Congregational Christian Churches. The intent of this website is to increase public awareness of communities of faith in Massachusetts which are continuing strongly in the way of faith brought here over 350 years ago; to help interpret what it means to be “Congregational”; to increase effective communication between the members of these churches; to provide information on upcoming mission and ministry opportunities; and to promote the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here in Massachusetts.

maccc button  Just What is Congregationalism, anyway?

The American Congregational story has its origins in 16th century England, and is still being written today, 5 centuries later! The Congregational Church was the church of the Pilgrims and of the Mass. Bay Colony Puritans, who were interested in establishing a Reformed tradition church state in the new world. After several generations, some churches changed to become Unitarian or Universalist churches. In 1931, the remaining Congregational Churches merged with the Christian Church movement to become Congregational-Christian churches. Then, in 1957, the majority of these churches dropped the Congregational-Christian name in another merger with the Evangelical & Reformed Church. A remaining minority formed a National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC), and MACCC is Massachusetts’ association of continuing Congregational Christian Churches.  The association itself is to allow local congregations to consult and advise together as churches upon matters of common concern to them, both temporal and spiritual, without infringing on their powers of self-government.


            button  What are the beliefs of Congregationalists?


Churches in the MACCC stand on Scripture as stated in the Bible. They are filled with people who live in changing times but believe in the unchanging truth of God’s Scripture. Congregational pastors today are bridge builders between the changing application of contemporary truths, and the unchanging truth of the Gospel.


mass map  Where Can I Find a Church?


    Union Congregational Church
    Church in the Cove


    Pilgrim Trinitarian Congregational Church

South Congregational Church
    Union Congregational Church


    Congregational Church of Canton

East Freetown

    East Freetown Congregational-Christian Church

Fall River

    1st Congregational Church of Fall River


    1st Congregational Church of Hanson


    First Church of Christ


    1st Congregational Church of Marshfield


    1st  Congregational Church of Nantucket

New Bedford

    1st  Congregational Church of New Bedford


    First Church in Pembroke


    Chiltonville Congregational Church    
   Second Congregational Church of Plymouth


    Silver Lake Chapel [Facebook Page]


    Christ Evangelical Congregational Church

    First Church of Squantum

    Bethany Congregational Church

    Union Congregational Church, Wollaston


    1st Congregational Church of Rochester


    Pilgrim Congregational Church [Facebook Page]

    West Congregational Church [Facebook Page]


    The First Church in Weymouth [Facebook Page]


    1st Congregational Church of Yarmouth Port


Meeting  Gatherings

  MACCC Spring 2024 Annual Meeting will be at Church of the Cove in Beverly.
The presentation will be on the writings of C.S. Lewis, presented by author and pastor Rev. Will Vaus.
Watch here for details.


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