2021-2022 Meeting Schedule


September 14th - Trinitarian Congregational Church, Bridgewater

Host: David Wood

October 12th - South Congregational Church, Braintree

Host: Scott Killian

November 9th -  - First Congregational Church of Fall River

Host: Andy Stinson

December 14th - 1st Congregational Church, Hanson

Host: Peter Smith

January 9th - Annual Pulpit Swap
January 9th - Annual Dinner with spouses

@6PM Good Days Restaurant in West Bridgewater

February 8th - 1st Church of Weymouth

Host: John Robie

March 8th East Freetown Congregational Christian Church

Host: Don Bliss

April 5th Chiltonville Congregational Church

Host: Sue Thornton

April 25th 28th; Northeast Ministers' Convocation
Camp Wightman, North Stonington, CT

Convener: Irv Gammon
May 10th TBD

Host: TBD
June 11th - 1st Congregational Church of Yarmouth Port 

Host: Will Vaus


All Mayflower Ministers' meetings begin at 9:30 A.M. and adjourn with lunch arranged by the host.


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